Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To eBay or Not to eBay? That is the Question.

Continuing on in my love of all things Anthropologie and from almost depleting my savings account on all their delectable items, I have turned to the somewhat untapped resource of eBay. Why, you ask, am I sharing this secret? Well, I do know how it feels when the funds are low yet the yearning, pulling sensation of wanting to spend is eating away at your mind and you can no longer function until you have that dress that you saw at lunch-time folded in swathes of tissue paper, stuffed safely away in the store bag and grasped in your hand. eBay is a great source to turn to when funds are low and you need that shopping fix (when accompanying a friend to the store and fulfilling your high by the swipe of her credit card is simply not enough).

Yes ladies, I am a proud shopahaulic!

eBay! In order to safely eBay, however, it is imperative to do your research. I will use Anthropologie as my example as I have just recently snagged a couple of great finds on eBay that I either failed to try on when the item was available on-line/in-store, or had way too many purchases and was forced to make the dreaded 'cut' decision. With Anthropologie, as with any other store or brand, you must become familiar with the merchandise and the fit so that you will not be taken in on eBay (and waste precious pennies when it could be best used elsewhere). Through browsing and randomly trying things on at Anthropologie, I've become quite familiar with not only their labels, but also how each label fits me.

Here are a couple of examples:

Burlapp - runs slightly small, so depending on how the dress is cut, I may go up a size
Fish Fry - runs tts
Floreat - runs tts
Girls from Savoy - runs tts
Leifsdottir - runs tts
Moulinette Soeurs - runs slightly large for me so I go down a size
One.September - runs tts
Plenty by Tracy Reese - runs super small so I go up a size
Ric Rac - runs small so I go up a size

Possessing this knowledge is key for shopping on eBay. Not only can you spot the real deal, but you can pretty much hit the nail on the head in your size (because most items on eBay cannot be returned).

Be diligent in your bidding but not too diligent; you don't want to run the price of an item up unnecessarily. Put it in your watch/wish list and watch it like a hawk. For those of you that have App enabled phones, download the eBay app so that you can better encircle your prey! Towards the last seconds of the auction, swoop in for the kill by placing a bid that is your absolute highest bid, and you will almost always be the winner. (Note: eBay will bid for you, up to your highest bid - the auction may end at a lower price than your highest bid amount and that's all you'll have to pay). That is why the last minute predetor bid is crucial. While the other bidders are frantically hitting the $1 increment increase button, you have secured the item by placing your highest bid just seconds from the end. You are the stealth bidder, grabbing your prey by surprise! Make sure you check to see if the item isn't duplicated on eBay for less (always remembering the motto, 'if I pay less for this, I can spend elsewhere). You can almost always grab an excellent find (as I have with my Anthropologie dresses) on the cheap, paying just as much or less than the Anthropologie store sales price. But beware, for though a rose by any other name may smell as sweet, the same cannot be said of a cheap knockoff.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Anthropologie - Silken Pathways Dress
             Orig.: $168.00
              eBay Price: $99.00

Belt: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Coach
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  1. I hear you on the Anthro obsession. I want to live in that store! Occasionally I find Anthro brands on Gilt and Rue La La too. Can be another option to ebay.

  2. Thanks Katie, I'll def. keep my eyes peeled for Anthro brands on those websites. And thanks for leaving a comment. I'm new to this! Please continue to check out my entire blog on:

    I haven't really updated this one in a while : )

  3. Great post and very helpful tips. I definitely stalk items on Ebay and it can be awesome for those items that got away, or just something current at a fraction of the cost!!


  4. Thanks DEA! Just snagged some more lovelies from eBay!