Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anthropologie: 'Oh How I Love Thee; Let Me Count the Ways'

So ladies, I am currently on an Anthro binge. On a tiny budget, my tiny closet in my even tinier apartment is full to the brim of fabulous Anthro dresses, and I am glad to say that only one of those said dresses was paid for at the original price (which incidentally, wasn't paid for by me). My secret? One combined sweet little word: Wish-list! Coupled with diligence and sheer fanaticism, you must stalk your wish-list. Worship it, visit it hourly, until that original price has been crossed out and the beatific, angelic mark-down price of up to 40% off appears.

I tell you ladies, it is worth the work! And, not to mention when your sig. other questionably stares at your bag laden hands or while riffling through the closet finds the new added treasure, you can brightly and happily proclaim that you got it at a fraction of the cost (and do remember to include the original amount and your perseverant insistence on waiting for the sale, to show what a savvy, patient, and diligent shopper you really are).

The stalking of the Wish-list is, however, only 90% effective. The remaining 10% is that of your gut feeling, that nervous, anxious, tingling 'I MUST HAVE THIS NOW, IT'LL NEVER BE AVAILABLE IN MY SIZE WHEN IT DOES GO ON SALE!' feeling that only you can determine when your finger touches the soft garment of that glorious frock or your eyes happen upon that delectable item that was just newly added online. Then, and only then, must the plunge be taken. The item must be purchased! Yet still, there is redemption. The sales receipt! Keep this. Study it, hold it near and dear in that designer wallet (which always retails for more than ever it holds). This technique coupled with the stalking of the item, still placed in the wish-list for the anticipated sale, will almost always guarantee the beloved price adjustment.

Embrace the price adjustment! Find out each of your favorite store' s policies and the day they give mark-downs and commit this information to memory. If necessary, hold on to the purchase, tags still attached, until the last day of said price adjustment and if the item is still obstinately holding out at the regular price, return the item and buy it over again (preferably at another store, making certain that the other store has your item in stock) or, if at all possible, buy a second of the same item. You have just purchased an extra amount of price adjustment time. If you are victorious, and if you took scenario one, simply go back to the store and present your receipt for a price adjustment. If you opted for scenario two, return the earliest purchased item, and simply price adjust the newest. You have now successfully saved money which can now be used to purchase even more things or, can be responsibly tucked away in a bank account to make your spending money in the first place that much more justifiable.

Yes, it may sound like a lot of work. But I am not in control of my urge to shop. It is an addiction which I am not ashamed of. My head is held high! However, not having an infinite amount of funds and in order to fulfill my secondary obligations (i.e., rent, car payment), I have had to think up creative ways to spend and save money. And the above wish-listing, price-adjusting madness has allowed me to purchase exactly what I want, not at the time I want them, and for a fraction of the cost!

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