Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On' - F/W '10

My Fall 2010 Wishlist!!

As much as I hate to admit it, I kinda like Fall clothes....kinda. And why not, when there's all these goodies just waiting to be purchased!

Am in love with the whole layered look. The thigh highs paired with the shorts make me soooo wish I didn't work in a law firm. I may try and pull it off on a Friday though...hehehehe...The oxfords are a must have and I think I've spotted the perfect, comfy pair (alas, JCrew shoes do not fit me at all!)

The mensware/military style of the olive coat paired with the relaxed shape and knit of the pants are a must for me in the fall. My goal: Non-fussy clothes that I can throw on in my inevitable tardiness in getting out of the door in the mornings. When it gets colder, I'll throw on a pair of tights beneath the pants and pair the coat with a chunky soft, warm scarf.

The blazer will be my staple this fall. It sooo dresses anything up! And with the way I'm feeling towards my profession, I'll be able to get away with alot more. My motto: Lovely ladies, put a blazer on it! The socks and platforms idea is just darling but I'll leave that for the ladies who can actually pull that off. Besides, one foot of socks ALWAYS sags down around my ankle in a non-flattering way.

I will buy these sequined shorts and they will be my uniform on the weekends, and they'll take me through the cold, drab winter months as well. Love, love, love the bag. The chain handle is all the rage for me right now!

I'm really liking the relaxed look and feel of the Fall must-have silk shirts. And paired with the darling black leather skirt, dark tights and lace up boots is all a mix of rocker, glam, tough/feminine chic. I'm loving it!

Other must-haves for the Fall? Fur. Parka. And boy oh boy, I found a two in one that almost makes me want to throw all caution to the wind and buy it full priced. But I will follow my own advise and wait for a sale. This combo will take me straight through December!

Currently obsessed with embossed bags and chain straps!

This is the coolest two-finger ring that I've seen so far (it's chain link with tiny Swarvosky crystals). I'm not mad at this trend coming back at all!

I had previously wanted some floral leggings but these little cutties are even better, because? Yes, I can wear them to work too!
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  1. that really is a cool two-finger ring, and it looks like it doesnt completelyyy keep her two fingers together and turn them useless!
    love the pics

  2. Thanks Melindaa!!! Can't wait to get that ring!

  3. Love the looks you posted from J.Crew ; we`ve been totally obsessed with the layered look since last fall and can`t wait to experiment with the look again this season!
    Great Wish List and blog !

    Christine & Caira of The Luxe Standard