Sunday, August 1, 2010

'Now Go We in Content', Packed Light, on Vacation.

Since I'm on vacation, I'll keep this nice and short...
Ladies, travel light! If it's one thing my many travels have taught me, it's that. No one wants to lug around heavy luggage or wait for it to pop up at baggage claim (my luggage is ALWAYS the last to make it around the merry-go-round). It ain't merry! In fact, it's tres annoying and a good waste of precious vacation time.
Perfect the art of the pack, ladies. Determine your theme (based on where you're going)...know how you want to look weeks before your trip and start writing your outfits down piece by piece. That way, you'll know what you need to buy and when it comes time to pack, you're not making a mad dash and throwing all kinds of pieces into your luggage. You'll also end up with a more put together look while on vacation, and you'll breeze by everyone else with your carry-on, out of the airport and off to enjoy the tropics, the city, the beach!Roll instead of fold. Take two or three garments, lay them on top of each other and neatly roll them up. You'll save space and save the need to iron later.
A little Samsonite is all that's required when the art of packing light is achieved, forgoing the need to make Samson's out of our boyfriends.

Enjoy a virtually weightless vacation!!

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