Saturday, August 13, 2011

Street Style

Stopped this very colorful tourist couple from Spain because I saw her skirt from a couple of blocks away! I LOVE it! The length, the happy yellowy color and that she topped it off with a denim bustier and an armful of bracelet candy!  Oh and how could I forget that marvelous orange fan!  Her BF was the perfect accessory!

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  1. such a great selection of outfits! I like the street style and always feel inspired by people! i like your picture too-you look amazing:) have a nice weekend, xxx

  2. awww thats cute they're matching :)

    thanks for stopping by and yes I'd love to follow each other <3
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  3. loving her yellow skirt and funky bracelets!

  4. this is an amazing post, filled w variety, love it!

  5. Now that woman has one original outfit! So inspiring! Love the bright colors!


  6. loving the street style. the denim bustier is fab and the yellow is just so sunny! thanks for sharing!