Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Do Women Moan?

WOA (Women Of Antigua) has produced The Vagina Monologues and When A Woman Moans (original production) for 5 years collectively. 
Campaign Moan asks the simple question: Why do women moan? Please help show your support to help end ALL violence against women and children by photographing your personal statements. Your photos will be uploaded to Campaign Moan' Facebook page,  displayed during When A Woman Moans (Sunday 27th May) and used as part of their ongoing campaign to raise awareness by stimulating conversations that will end the silence and celebrate the many facets of women and the men that support them. 

Campaign Moan is the beginning of the interactive portion of WOA’s activism, moving it from stage to audience and is open to women and men, teen girls and boys, both in Antigua and overseas.

Please check out their Facebook page here for more information! 

Your entry can be sent to  campaignmoan.anu@gmail.com 

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